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nserc women in science and engineering in canada

NSERC Canada

The under representation of women in the various fields of science and engineering has long been recognized, and is of concern to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). In this report, a brief review of some of the available statistics on women in science and engineering in Canada will be presented. 


“Are gender gaps due to evaluations of the applicant or the science? A natural experiment at a national funding agency”

Authors: Holly O Witteman, PhD, Michael Hendricks, PhD, Sharon Straus, MD, & Cara Tannenbaum, MD
Published in The Lancet, 2019

“Gender gaps in grant funding are attributable to less favourable assessments of women as principal investigators, not of the quality of their proposed research. [The authors] discuss reasons less favourable assessments might occur and strategies to foster fair and rigorous peer review.”