Local/International Groups & Local Events

Organizations and events that also promote diversity and inclusion.

Local groups

Social groups for graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and industry members in STEM in London, Ontario

The 500 Women Scientists pod in London, Ontario is a group dedicated to connecting, supporting, and empowering women in STEM. Graduate students, faculty, and industry members are encouraged to join the pod. Follow them on Twitter: @500WS_LondonON

undergraduate student groups

Student groups supporting diversity and inclusion at Western University in London, Ontario.
Undergraduate students can join these groups via www.westernusc.store/shop/ at the start of each academic year.


The Western EngiQueers is a social and advocacy group for the LGBTQ+ and ally communities within the Faculty of Engineering at Western University in London, Ontario. Follow their updates on Facebook or email them at western.engiqueers@gmail.com.

Women in Engineering (WIE) at Western University is a student group working to empower and encourage current and prospective female students in the field of engineering. WIE also organizes outreach programs to elementary and high school students. Learn more at www.eng.uwo.ca/wie

Women in Science (WiS) at Western University is a student-led organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging women in the Faculty of Science. Learn more at www.womeninscienceuwo.com

Women in STEM is an all-inclusive organization which offers a safe and encouraging environment for people of all genders and all academic backgrounds to explore their interests in STEM. Learn more at www.womeninstemuwo.com

youth outreach events

Outreach events around London, Ontario to encourage girls in STEM


STEMPOSIUM is a one-day annual conference hosted by the undergraduate Women in Science group at Western where girls in high school (Grades 9-12) have the opportunity to learn more about science at Western as well as about career options and interesting aspects of different science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Learn more at www.stemposiumwis.org

Go ENG Girl is an exciting opportunity for Grade 7-10 girls to learn about the wonderful world of engineering: "A Caring Profession." Participants are able to learn from female professionals, academics and students as well as enjoy fun, hands-on activities, informative parents' sessions and engineering student exhibits. Learn more at www.eng.uwo.ca/outreach/pre-university-programs/just-for-girls/go-eng-girl/

Go CODE Girl provides an exciting opportunity for girls in grades 7-11 across Ontario to learn about the exciting world of coding and software development and discover opportunities in computing and engineering fields. Learn more at www.eng.uwo.ca/outreach/pre-university-programs/just-for-girls/go-code-girl/

International Groups


Find talented women and people of colour from Canada and the USA available for speaking opportunities at tech-related events at www.womenandcolor.com

Based in Toronto, Canada, hEr VOLUTION is the go to place for youth, particularly young women from underserved communities to come to in order to advance in 21st Century Skills. They create opportunities for the next generation of women in STEM connecting them with leaders in the industry for career support. Learn more at www.hervolution.org

The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) was founded in 1981 as a not-for-profit association aimed at encouraging women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  SCWIST aims to support and promote the education of girls and women through programs and activities in partnership with the community. Learn more at www.scwist.ca